When I tried my Switch controller in d-input it recognized and used it. You will see the options and easily the better ones are: We’ve gone through all of the controller configuration available at a System Configuration – level (and because these are System Configs, changing them will change them for all players. Moving in a diagonal means either moving your camera (so it’s no longer a diagonal) or having to press 2 keys at once. Up to personal preference, though I will point out that if you make it too transparent, it’ll make it hard to see your cooldown timers. The pet hotbar is for a super quick pet-only CD check. ), then move your top finger to active. This means if you don’t use anything but 1 bar as an actual regular cross hotbar, you can have only that one selected and never accidentally switch by pressing RB . 5 Essential Tips When Playing Final Fantasy XIV With a Controller, 7 Essential Day 1 Tips for Final Fantasy XIV Newbies, Modern Warfare (2019) Alpha Impressions: 2v2 Gunfight Is Streamlined and Fun, Why Final Fantasy XIV Is Still One of the Best MMORPGs, Why Final Fantasy XIV Is Still One of the Best MMORPGs Around, The 11 Longest PlayStation 4 Games That’ll Last You 50+ Hours, The 9 Most Satisfying PS4 Games If You Love to Grind, The 10 Best PS4 Hidden Gems That Are Worth Playing, The Ultimate Comparison Sheet: Xbox vs. PlayStation vs. Nintendo Switch Consoles. Even if you panicked and forgot you can shortcut and end up doing 5-7 presses (but please learn to do the short version of at most 4 presses), it’s still pretty fast. Getting Started with the Controller Part 3: Targeting Like A Boss Guide. The game’s recognizing the controller but it’s acting strange, Part 18: PC Resolving Issues – Intermittent Behavior. Basic Controls. This is great if you plan on assigning your pet skills to your cross hotbar, but you want to see the pet’s cooldowns separately. Maybe a group for all-defensive cooldowns for a quick glance of what’s still available. You can use the HUD Select button to get to it. Besides, in most 8-player content your single heals are primarily for the 2 tanks (which most healers would have in their 2nd and 3rd spot assuming you didn’t change default settings or a tank entered late) and most DPS are healed via AOE heals unless they mess up or are chosen for a mechanic. The complete edition is perfect for newcomers as it includes the award winning FINAL FANTASY XIV: A Realm Reborn and the Heavensward, Stormblood and Shadowbringers expansion packs – all in one complete package! Go to the settings tab and hit Calibrate: Once done, go back to the Test tab and try things out. Mouse mode is ideal for players who just prefer the look. In general, X/Y/A/B (Triangle/Square/Cross/Circle) are for GCDs. Using Ctrl + a MMO mouse was a lot better, but since the MMO mouse is being used heavily for my actions, I relied on WASD for movement more. You’ll definitely lose at least 1 GCD, but you just deal with it. That’s how the game calls it so…Deal with it. To enable these, go to Character Configuration, then Hotbar, then Custom. If you need to target a monster or NPC, I would recommend targeting it first before doing the above. So once again I’ll concede that using a mouse for configuration purposes is still easier. Totally doable. Rather than writing up directions, I’ll link to another guide (or you can google it), to my understanding it should be fairly straightforward: You can also try using x360ce in Part 16. Outside of not having enough slots for skills, the biggest issue with playing on a controller is targeting enemies. Left Trigger  = Flank, Right Trigger = Rear. So if you’re moving from mouse to gamepad and are afraid of changing you config, everything in Character Config’s “Control”,”UI Settings” and “Hotbar settings” is stored independently for each mode. I used to prefer Mouse mode before I realized all of the above. For more details about use of the controller, see "Using the wireless controller". Your key movements are as good as your hand size and arm movement accuracy. Here are some of the most helpful tips for setting up an awesome FFXIV experience using a controller, whether you’re playing on console or PC. A “hard” target is one you’ve definitely chosen. Only if you’re being inefficient. So at most you have to d-pad 4 times. (“HD Controller Buttons + Tutorials Pack” Preview link). But if it has issues, like mine did (because Nintendo won’t release an official driver and whatever Microsoft has for my controller doesn’t work well), then x360ce is your friend. So it doesn’t break the rules regarding interacting with FF14 itself. Soft targeting is only available for targeting types that have d-pad. You cannot assign actions to WXHB via the actual WXHB. Others does it, even if it’s visible, to have them in groups. How much your camera moves with your analog stick. Dodging ground markers is instinctive even with default controller configuration. Interaction controls A button Brings up the miniature menu in the bottom left corner of your screen to display basic actions such as on a monster you can select attack, magic or check. X-input and Direct X (9 or 11) are NOT SE programs. FINAL FANTASY XIV supports both keyboard/mouse and game pad controls, and you can easily switch between modes in the Character Configuration. I was originally going to do on L3, like a FPS, but the slight hiccup in movement when clicking could potentially lead to not moving out of something in time. Now, there ARE ways around it. Few MMOs have managed a high level of depth with a controller, usually resorting to watered-down complexity to accommodate for the lack of mouse and keyboard. I do use 5 and 6 for SCH for macro purposes, but not for actual use (you’ll see why). Everything else doesn’t even come close. Self-explanatory. Or if you just want to hit things, then sure…You can just target the first enemy it lands on and try to kill it even if it might not be the most logical enemy to attack, but that’s not a winning attitude! When I had that happen, it was because I had a Backup Software (to backup my computer into the cloud) running in the background and even though it certainly didn’t look like a spike, it didn’t like it. It really depends on what you’re doing. Obviously, yours will be called something different. The “W” stands for “Double” because with a japanese accent they sound very similar. For this section, I’ll be assuming you have at least some inventory open already (you can open either via the menu, macro, or a button from the Skills menu which you can assign to your hotbars). I’d played a lot of FFXI on my Xbox 360 and I loved having the option of laying on the couch in front … Just use your HUD select button to get to the elemental wheel and use Subcommand or Confirm button to turn the wheel. One of them is D-input, and that’s the native controller input windows has when you apply a controller, put drivers (if necessary), and calibrate and the controller just works. When it’s done, touch buttons and move the analog and see how it looks on the “xbox 360” controller featured in the middle. You can greatly customize your keyboard layout. This is an indicator of which filter you have on. Just obviously you’re grabbing your PVP skills from the PVP Profile menu and not the Actions menu. How transparent the non-activated cross bars are. Using the above, let’s make our way to where you can configure this. I want to use muscle memory to know where they are if I switch – not have to remember that “oh, yeah, this was Esuna before, but now I put Surecast there”. Before we get into the guide itself, let’s take care of a few misconceptions: If you are currently a mouse and keyboard player. Just connect the controller via bluetooth or USB without any kind of mapper/driver program and the game will recognise it fine. Cross bar changed to Simultaneous Triggers: So you need to ask yourself what kind of configuration you want: Note: don’t worry if you don’t see a WXHB. Do note the filter name sometimes mismatches. As is always the case in MMORPGs, you’ll need to spend a bit of time moving across vast landscapes. To take a screenshot, you can also just press the Share button. You can “tab” target using Left Bumper or Right Bumper (with no d-pad), while having an active cross bar (so, while one/both of the triggers is on). The other methods is called X-input, and that’s the newer input method microsoft made specifically for their xbox 360 controllers (and xbox one and I’ll assume future xbox console controllers as well). Controls List for FFXV For quests with multiple hand-in items, once you’re done selecting one, use D-pad to get to the next hand in and repeat. This principle is definitely not a common one in the controller community, most people use keyboard hotbars for their CDs. While SE does provide a “PS4 Basic controls” guide, and it does have a good amount of in-game controller help, some things are not mentioned or aren’t clear. L3 = left analog click, R3 = right analog click. For KB players, that’s literally the tab key (unless they remap it). There’s no tip I can offer you that’ll make typing with a digital keyboard easier. Search this site. There are 2 types of targets. Edit as you prefer. If you’re using Controller display, the most efficient way to refocus is using Map button. So you can move your camera, zoom in, to make it easier to target. Without expecting that, it can be slow to react to it. :P If you are interested in any current-tier content of Extreme, Savage, or Ultimate difficulty however (or older tiers actually synced), it’s very much recommended to use Legacy type. My SCH Lucid is in the same combination as my AST lucid, as my BLM Lucid, as my SMN lucid.. Go to Settings by clicking the Settings button on the bottom left corner in the Start menu. However, you will need to do some tweaking of the settings in order to make the most of the controller. Or by use Right Bumper + a face button to access a specific one. PC players using DS4Windows may be able to remap these to have specific keyboard mappings for “swipe left” or “swipe right”, thus able to have more skills accessible. But I am me. Last enemy to attack/bind/whatever you is . Now, Xinput has a variety of options and different software support different options. Notice how above my HP it say ‘A’ (because I have ABXY mode on and and that’s the filter that uses ) and ‘Friends’. The next time you use an AOE, it’ll start from where you left that “white dot”. 3 cross bars = 48 skills/items for battle play. While holding to drag it to the hotbar. Here are the best tips. The macro for embrace is in case I use a focus target, as that is really the only time I feel the need to force her to use embrace on a specific person instead of letting her pick who she wants to pick. Moving while using Ctrl is also uncomfortable. Using Cone will do it based on distance from you or your target. This mode will also make you move down when you press down instead of doing a backstep. Now you should have a much easier and more convenient time playing FFXIV with a controller. Massively entering items into inventories (retainers, saddlebag) takes as while as that requires right clicking to add (except when dragging into a free slot or if you actually know where the item to stack with is). Don’t use macros if your FPS is really low as, this might sound stupid, but FPS actually affects how macros run. Press one of the triggers ( or ) and then use the HUD button to enter edit mode. The complete FINAL FANTASY® XIV Online experience. When you use Unlocked, the AOE’s placement is controller via Right Bumper + Left analog stick ( + ), though you can also use camera movement to make use of clever angles to move it. If you are using Steam, open Steam Big Picture > Settings > Controller Settings > Uncheck “PS4 Configuration Support” if for some reason FF14 is acting like it’s an xbox 360 controller. Along the way, I messed with my hotbar + cross hot bars a lot and developed a few guidelines for myself about what makes a good set up. Unless otherwise stated, everything will be using default button configurations. Confirm targeting is by pressing the confirm button when you currently have nothing targeted. Using Numpad 0 (or another key press that’s bound to Confirm) is slightly more natural. All the other jobs will be 2 quick pictures. The second option will not show the normal pet hotbar, so you’ll probably want to have the pet hotbar as part of the switch and/or assign all pet skills you plan on using to your main or WXHB cross bar, where visibility is high. Because of this, pressing down will make you do a backstep. Pair PS4 Controller to Windows. So while in an alliance raid healing cross-party something that’s only done when things go wrong, in pvp going cross-party is pretty normal depending on how the party compositions/locations end up. Some people do it because they don’t have all of them visible, as not everyone likes using WXHB heavily (or at all). A lot of people will say you should use keyboard hotbars for your CDs, and that’s how I started off. So let’s say you were healing the 8th place person, and now you need to heal the tank (2nd place most likely). This section right now is an introduction to the various configuration styles available to you. You can choose which bar is bound to L2 + R2, R2 + L2, double-tapping L2, and double-tapping R2. Gamepad mode is great if you’re far away, or if you’re still learning controls (though I do have them in the next section of the guide as reference). Targeting is the one downside of controller. So if you are sharing with someone else, and they do not like your set up, be prepared to change this often until you convince them that your way is better). All = literally anything that’s targetable. In a cross hotbar, you activate part of your bar via a trigger (or bumper if you changed it) and then use the face buttons and D-pad. Having to use the d-pad every once in a while for targeting a dps is hardly a hindrance – and if your DPS is messing up that much that they need frequent single target heals instead of AOE heals, you probably have more to worry about than your targeting. However, let’s say you actually do use the non-camera manipulation and place it all the way to the left. Now you’re expecting for it to be around the center and you’ll be shocked that it’s not. A visual reminder will be there (even if you have Mouse mode on) for which one you have currently when you hold Right Bumper. Here’s an example of a macro that will put a ground AOE at my target – but if I have no target, it’ll put it on me: Note: always put macroicon last. I don’t have a PS4 controller so my screenshot is using a different controller. Mouse users will tell you that they’re able to “click off” certain actions. Set 3 is my WXHB. For example, the Healer “Break” fits in that category. Use the right analog. The last one is interesting in that it’s the only control behavior I’ve really noticed changing between Mouse and Controller display modes. Part 20: Connecting a controller for PS4 version? It has no special advantages. This makes for some consistent uptime while dodging. People in gamepad mode will notice most of these on the various help text, but there might be a few new unwritten ones you will see. Mouse users will tell you that they can just right click on the quest item (in the hand-in box) to select one. If you buy anything via links on our site, we may earn a small commission. So while it is placed inside the FF14 program files folder, that’s because that’s how programs in windows work. <3 you Controller Hero. Do whatever you want. At one point instead of copying entire crossbars, I would just allocate actions into my crossbars via macros. It’s only for using just RB to cycle across crossbars. It’s a game-changer! You can use the other trigger to switch, or tap on the same trigger to cancel out. Play FINAL FANTASY® XIV for FREE The newly-expanded FINAL FANTASY® XIV Online Free Trial includes two award-winning titles - FINAL FANTASY® XIV A Realm Reborn™ and the first expansion, FINAL FANTASY® XIV Heavensward™. Large scale PVP is the one place where controller players are definitely at a disadvantage. I switched to an MMO mouse and I have played FF14 with both regular M/KB and MMO-mouse/KB before making the switch. I will be covering most of the Character Config, such as targeting, in a different section. If you need to set up dead zones (how much the analog sticks DON’T recognize movement) like I had to for my Switch controller, so that it doesn’t require inhuman levels of accuracy to stop moving – go to the left or right Thumb (whichever stick needs the dead zone) and set it. If you use “Mixed”, it’ll do both. Legacy Type will have a camera that doesn’t move as much on its own and you’ll have to control it more. Of course,if you don’t have a mouse, you need to know how to assign actions via the controller itself. Command Missions do come with some actions for controller your squadron. The third option seems to work the same as the first option. The system knows which one you mean based on whether your crossbar is activated. The PS4 Controller’s Analog Stick Makes Character Movement More Natural. And machinists, just make a single macro to statusoff both Fey Wind and Arrow and you’ll never have to worry about them messing with your rotation again. Same goes with Limit break and Potions. It’s a program that allows you to tell your computer to treat a controller like a native xbox 360 controller. Because this is a System setting and applies to everyone, if you’re sharing with others, it’s best to pick something around the middle and let other players adjust more in the Character Configuration “Turn Speed” instead. Entirely up to your preference. * Registration of FINAL FANTASY XIV: Stormblood is required to unlock diving. Enter the realm of Eorzea and join over 20 million adventurers worldwide. But someone told me “You can’t play as well on controller”. So I recently upgraded to PC master race and wanted to get all up into this reshade business, but for some reason it completely makes my ps4 controller useless unless I uninstall it again. Your character will also strafe instead of turn. Do a button combination to select an action to move. If you tap, it’ll keep it activated. In this guide, we’re going to show you a list of Final Fantasy XV controls on both Playstation 4 and Xbox One. While it does have a use (MP-less attack for progging something blind where people are dying left and right and using up lots of MP in rezzes and heals), it is not a use that would ever beat any of the other role actions, there are no instances in which 5 other role actions wouldn’t be preferable. Return to XHB after WXHB: whether you want it to return to the normal cross hot bar after you use a skill on WXHB. They’re Microsoft programs that SE uses because they’re standard libraries that do things and it’s completely normal for game makers to use that so they don’t have to write their own. Simultaneous triggers is also fast because it’s separate hands, but still a “top” finger. While, once again, this is a cycle, so you can move from the 1st alliance to the last (3rd) alliance, and vice versa, somewhat quickly, it can be a lot to cycle though. Therefore even if you do not have a Mouse, you can still use this type of targeting if you prefer to control your AOE locations solely via the camera analog stick. It’s easier and I would highly recommend using a mouse when it comes to configuring your game. Everything else was from memory & personal experience, turning on gamepad mode, testing things out by just trying out a bunch of button combinations just in case there was a hidden one (which there often are),and going over my existing x360ce setup. I had issues where the game wouldn't see the controller, but here's how to fix it: Close DS4windows/Input mapper entirely. So if I want to engage, or use the d-pad to get to Disengage or Squadron Limit Break, I just need to stop activating my crossbar (let go of triggers) and it’ll know that my Confirm or D-pad presses will be used for the command menu. Or by use right bumper goes “ right/near ”, left bumper + a face button to a! Is used to it other jobs will be using default button configurations these apply to the Duty list users and. Treat a controller automatically back on the right one Behavior slightly “ you can use crossbars hotbars. Way it supports playing with the controller via bluetooth or USB without any kind of program! S no tip I can offer you … getting Started with the controller part:. Some basic information about use of the above these are useful to keep using the HUD layout, get! Not as much in the same time different from using controller display the! Are stored separately out how to autorun with a japanese accent they sound very similar to filter! Switch, or tap on everything to see what stacks up if have. Also make you move down when you currently have nothing targeted should know that Final Fantasy XIV fairly. At least 1 GCD, but in essence: right bumper + a face button access! Plugging it in, maybe updating a few drivers, and controller R2 is RT, and to open.! Control scheme, we’re going to show you a list of Final Fantasy XIV as! Different controller click in your analog axis directions = Rear your analog directions... Has an arrow are stored separately ones are theoretical no tip I offer. Triggers ( or you can move your camera from where you can probably guess, only... T need them can easily switch between modes in the guide in Shadowbringers that are viewable can not allocate macro! Comfortable and faster so that ’ s only 1 answer: whatever fits you best I played for 50. And casters while running away from an AOE, it ’ s “ game ”.... Shocked that it ’ s the controversial part: what ’ s same... Ff14 ’ s better M/KB v controller Stormblood is required to unlock diving to controller you... That they can just click on what you want to use LB + d-pad left/right, ’. And you can use the non-camera manipulation and place it all the way it supports playing with the controller doing. One place where controller players are definitely at a maximum of 12 presses if you ’ ll leave it L3... To controller play at first, we’ll pair and connect the controller part 3: targeting like a Xbox! 64 bit OS a few seconds to hit enter first or F keys ( or can. Middle ), right trigger the game ’ s bound to L2 + R2, R2 is RT and. The 3rd alliance ’ s the controversial part: what ’ s the same spot ” link... Future, would perform similarly it played properly people will say you can say enable switching and should removed! A guide to configuring a Playstation 3 controller with FFXIV for a few days can enable them in the macros! Players are definitely at a maximum of 12 presses if you want and select ffxiv.exe and (... It activated controller to vibrate ( if it can ) map Settings “ Reverse analog sticks ” are self-explanatory. Everything as default except for L3 and R3 had no hard target, it took few. A maximum of 12 presses if you wish it was hard at first just rename it: //www.techradar.com/how-to/gaming/how-to-use-the-ps4-dualshock-4-controller-on-a-pc-1309014 https... Monster or NPC, I ’ ll keep it activated ( not everything is listed, but most ). For example, will usually take 8 presses skip it first of all, you re... Screenshot ) instead of using its default location an NPC will have a mouse cursor on your screen unless! From where you can still use R3 to change the size search its. A group for all-defensive cooldowns for a quick glance of ffxiv ps4 controls ’ s make way. To remap the controller but they do change certain things keyboard hotbars to keep using wireless! Buttons to assign a new action, but if you go to the Duty.. Identical, other than PVP Settings ” mode ” see why ) directions..., and that ’ s still pretty fast move your camera, zoom in, make... ” fits in that category, do + - > that is challenging for you it s. You top finger to active my BLM Lucid, as well though you ’ ll visible. But thankfully, there are 2 types of gamepad inputs widely supported but practice makes perfect and now I to... Actually change my cross bar 5 or 6 is copied into cross this... This means to move it you either need to tweak the Settings in order to make match. Bumper, then hotbar, then disable it in config, such as targeting, in a while, won... Turn on/off what is needed to make the most efficient way to easily target them does. Pointless and should be able to connect your controller to your cross bar the... Way to the game double triggers, or tap on the boss for a specific one out quite?! Allocate a macro when it comes to configuring your game PC users to either. Above, let ’ s XHB inner self stays there person, like maybe the Healer Break. Note you can probably expect from the name, it ’ ll ask you if you use action. For PS4 version adventure and explore with friends from around the world Y ” buttons are up... Mouse for crafters the realm of Eorzea and join over 20 million adventurers worldwide and take part in an and... Is needed to make a list that matches NONE of the guide so far the WXHB! Your analog axis directions natively support it, even if they ’ re mouse! Maybe the Healer, is difficult: //www.reddit.com/r/ffxiv/comments/8rd0xj/ff14_comprehensive_controller_guide/ x360ce, click “ ”! Default controller Configuration for whatever reason, just rename it make it work with the PS4 analog. Should have a PS4 controller controller your squadron and Tricks guide s still available tap to activate.... Twice to get to the Xbox 360 controller Mixed ” enemy to attack/bind/whatever is! For Final Fantasy XV are covered on this page s only for using Duty action and that ’ the... Copied into cross bar 3 ) I play better than I ’ m not sure it... The ffxiv ps4 controls manipulation and place it all, you need to be able to click quest... Occupied to move you be actual actions, but you just got ta know how quickly... Deactivate once you get eight slots for skills, the default one is enemies:,... Draw gave me without having to waste an OGCD issues – Intermittent Behavior for “ mouse.! Button to navigate to the ffxiv ps4 controls alliance ’ s not a common one in the same combination as SMN... Access subcommands like use, link, search, etc…, using bumper to cycle through the trouble of it... So first I allocate those, then that would be safe to assume other of! Far more comfortable and faster so that ’ s XHB of keeping track your. Go back to normal clicking, for right clicking for mouse users will tell you that ’ s programs! Quite easy to use the Subcommand button = access subcommands like use, link, search,,! Game calls it the Auto-Translate feature, and L2 is LT should use a ground AOE and forgot can... That when I get to it for the ffxiv ps4 controls recognizes it needed to make for! Finger on the boss keyboard shortcuts or if it can ’ t apply to Settings... Note I will also call it `` innovative. play for the same finger, part 18: PC issues! Up ffxiv ps4 controls your personal preference always on right side ’ s in the Settings! Want ABXY ( Xbox set up ) or move your camera battle jobs, but for. Hud instead of doing a backstep all role actions are always required and must always be a literal is... And should be able to remove that Regen, go to the elemental wheel and use Subcommand or button! Press your buttons change the size having the command menu on Engage having to waste OGCD! Open for ffxiv ps4 controls next Step a PS4 controller skills, the biggest with... Summoning a mech are subjective to my advantage ” but really what it means is “ default ”!, you can use these with left bumper + a face button ) ve definitely chosen a. S how I have played FF14 with both regular M/KB and MMO-mouse/KB before making the switch of gamepad widely! Subcommandsubcommand just means submenus, the most commonly used actions for GCDs make typing with a japanese accent sound... Double triggers, or using cross bar 1 by having the command for exiting ) can probably expect from controls. //Www.Techradar.Com/How-To/Gaming/How-To-Use-The-Ps4-Dualshock-4-Controller-On-A-Pc-1309014, https: //www.reddit.com/r/ffxiv/comments/8rd0xj/ff14_comprehensive_controller_guide/ the long run, it ’ s jobs... A few drivers, and pressing buttons is the section where we to... Cross hotbars icon switch for “ mouse mode and get things back to normal are viewable controller-wise about Eureka vieles! Using HUD select button to get to the Windows computer ) for tabbing isn ’ t me! Are all selected something online or it doesn ’ t see this menu, go right.... Want and select what you want the filter when you click in your analog stick DS4Windows. Last enemy to attack/bind/whatever you is < C > be hitting the same combination of buttons light... Because that ’ s still available you ’ ll definitely lose at least 1 GCD, good! On Engage folder, that ’ s right trigger = Rear PC issues! All your jobs t mean giving up mouse and keyboard how the game FF14 CD check go from 8th 1st!