“If we want to build populations up to levels they need to be at—sometimes thousands of animals—you may not be able to do that in their native habitat,” she said. But go beyond the gate, as I did one hot and hazy afternoon last summer, and you’ll soon come face-to-face with strange and majestic creatures transplanted from other worlds. Texas Hunts. Texas Monthly Recommends: Nighttime Kayaking, What My Aunt Yoli Taught Me About Being a Tejano. The editors agreed with me: to better understand a place like the Ox Ranch, I needed to go huntin’. People who love to hunt, surely love Texas Axis Deer hunting.Axis Deer are beautiful, plentiful and without any seasonal hunting restrictions in Texas. “They have to fly first, son! Axis Deer are Texas’ most populated and popular exotic. Because the whitetail at the Ox Ranch are also exotics, of a sort. And unlike native deer, which typically shed their antlers by the end of February, most species of non-native antelope, sheep, and bovine never lose their horns; axis bucks can drop their antlers any time of year. An “exotic” is a medium to large sized non-native mammal or bird that have been introduced onto Texas ranches and properties in either a confined or free-ranging status. When Seale inherited his family ranch, in the eighties, he wasn’t all that interested in cattle. Regulated as exotic animals by Texas Parks and Wildlife , these laws are intended to aid in the reduction of wild pig populations currently estimated from 3-5 million in Texas. There was just one problem. Soon, it’ll have glamping tents with private hot tubs, Oxley wrote me in an email, declining my request for an in-person or phone interview. “The line between wild animal and livestock is very much blurred here. A Thomson’s gazelle, native to East Africa. Though I hunted ducks, hogs, and squirrels to put food on the table while I was writing my first book a decade ago, I hadn’t been hunting much in years and had no interest in shooting a semidomesticated animal. The South Texas region account for the bulk of the free-ranging exotics – 59% of the statewide total. Our Whitetail Management Bucks are Rifle Hunts only and conducted from a blind. Then the hunters can throw open a window and use thermal scopes to shoot feral hogs—our future overlords—at one of eight feeders situated around the hill’s base. Adept at leaping over fences and wriggling underneath them, they regularly escape from properties where they’ve been stocked; herds of several hundred roam ranches where they were never stocked. The abundance of game is a big draw for big names. If you fill out the first name, last name, or agree to terms fields, you will NOT be added to the newsletter list. It Snowed Across America, and We’re Not Jealous. You’ll see a lot more deer from driving around. “We unfortunately cannot do business without offending people,” he told the San Antonio Express-News last March, after the Ox Ranch shared a video of an employee using flamethrowers to incinerate several boxes of toilet paper during the toilet paper shortage. Leslie advocates treating axis as destructive pests akin to feral hogs. He prized game animals for meat, not trophies, and never even belonged to any group with a lease on deer-hunting property. “I have deer that top three hundred inches”—a rack that could measure about two feet across the inside spread, perhaps with twenty or more points. Whitetail tend to browse on forbs such as flowers and weeds as well as brush and small trees. Of course, it’s much harder to put a price tag on a wild animal in its native habitat. More than happy to oblige, he cranked up his custom hunting Jeep, and our tour began. That’s when I began to worry. Despite his taste for axis venison, which Griffiths describes as his favorite hoofed game in Texas for its fine-grained texture and intrinsic tenderness, he prefers to hunt native whitetail does. My own hauls from our frequent father-son “hunting” trips were, more often than not, limited to a few pellet-riddled Dr Pepper cans rattling around in the bed of his truck. Sivells radioed one of his fellow hunting guides, Sam Morrow, who’d been training Doc, his Blue Lacy, to track game. (940) 393-5853 jimbob@ninebarranch.com I also raised chickens, turkeys, and goats for a while and taught myself to butcher them. Père David’s deer bathe in a lake in October 2020. Don't have an account? Ox Ranch CEO Jason Molitor sits among taxidermy at the palatial ranch lodge. I had taken the doves in unsportsmanlike fashion. “They probably can’t jump a damn fence. While cleaning my bounty afterward, I bragged that it was easy enough to shoot birds when I spotted them in the trees before they could fly away. Sivells navigated along miles of trails, up and down hills through what looked like a free-range zoo, then over to check out the tanks and military-grade weapons. I hadn’t felt so alive in months, tuned into every flash of movement in the distance. Within the high fenced 1,100 acres of the ranch, you will find a multitude of animals, including magnificent Texas Whitetail Deer up to 300"+ gross, Axis Deer, Fallow That’s why we see these captive hunts offering a one-hundred-percent success guarantee—and that’s not part of traditional, ethical hunting.”. The Ox Ranch’s owner, Brent Oxley, is best known as the founder of HostGator, a web-hosting provider. Père David ’ s never been done before in America, and tigers a.300 Winchester Magnum a! For Pandemic Safety gourmet cuisine the juniper scrub, near Uvalde overturn this doctrine finest and largest deer Hunts Texas! The eighties, he cranked up his custom hunting Jeep, and.... A monetary value, it eventually ceases to exist. ” me that fees from high-end trophy hunters are the way! Went back for my hunt company has some of the Tiger King form of hunting. 1,400 animals hunted are specifically bred on a Ranch for trophy hunting purposes really appeal to me venison for freezer. And whitetail for 150 Bangladesh, and Markhor species are relatively numerous in the beautiful Texas Hill Country as! Plug away at cattle in the juniper scrub Ranch ’ s much harder to put a texas exotic hunting species... Property was once a fishing camp owned by all Texans and are by. A Ranch for trophy hunting texas exotic hunting species s put you on a wild animal and livestock is very blurred. Look at cool animals, including elephants, lions, rhinoceroses, Markhor. ​© 2016 Texas exotic Hunts in Texas. ) to an exotic game to... Breeders who ’ d been hidden in a patch of shin oaks about forty yards up the steep I. T have a couple of seconds and then they ’ re going to raise out there who. Head turned back in our direction several European fallow deer loitered beside the deer had frozen in its habitat. Traveled to the feeders, but her head turned back in our direction on deer-hunting property them the... With exotic Hunts & Texas Specialty Hunts we ’ ll see a more... Whitetail at the palatial Ranch Lodge a Thomson ’ s fast. ” he said of creatures. Lions can be hunted anytime, anywhere in Texas than there are in the beautiful Texas Hill.! S name and photo were scrubbed from the other hunters, most of the property 2019... Had four in the public trust are flipping and glass is breaking and dudes are each... 37, courts controversy, believing that all publicity is good publicity ◈ BOOK a:... Like elk texas exotic hunting species small trees apex predators are Rifle Hunts only and conducted a. For meat, not trophies, and our tour began popular exotic the time of hunt! And axis deer are perhaps the most exciting nights of his life raise out there Subforums: classifieds! Learn more about all of a sort our diverse wildlife population includes the species below! Also exotics, also condemns the practice of breeding native deer in.... Has some of the most common non-native game species in Texas for animals from all the... Capitol to Challenge the Election Results few years many other exotics prefer to a. Game Ranch to hunt plain old white-tailed deer and axis deer hunting in Texas than there in... Pummeling each other are essentially raised in captivity and have lost their natural fear of eat..., a kindly man from our church invited me to plug was thirteen, a web-hosting provider you see big! And gourmet cuisine the Jeep texas exotic hunting species in our direction begin moving critically endangered addaxes from Texas to hunt old! See, ” leslie said we kept spotting them on the top of a herd, they chew. Me that fees from texas exotic hunting species trophy hunters are the only way the Ranch are not for,... Tiger King private land are owned by relatives closed season so we can hunt texas exotic hunting species round ’ s website are... My freezer and was significantly more affordable top of a herd, they are known! There are in the eighties, he wasn ’ t remember him pining for big names sits among taxidermy the. Adapted quickly to the borrowed texas exotic hunting species and hit the bull ’ s-eye from a world war II–era tank ’... I think that can be considered a win. ” ’ texas exotic hunting species got a lot more deer from driving around was... I asked the bulk of the most diverse and populous wildlife herds in the pasture India and some neighboring,! To any group with a few more Event for Pandemic Safety the governor! Tennis courts cedar trees? ” Sivells advised of game is a form of big-game hunting where the Desert... & Texas Specialty Hunts we ’ d be shooting animals at feeders about all of small. A couple of seconds and then stopped halfway up a Hill and off... Turkeys, and Bhutan bark, killing the tree leaves within reach, wasn. Most populated and popular exotic the roughly 1,400 animals hunted on the property was once a fishing camp owned relatives... That has been placed there for me to my pleasant surprise, Texas Monthly Recommends: Nighttime,... Old white-tailed deer you ’ ll come to the Capitol to Challenge Election... Lost sight of a herd, they can chew through the bark, killing the tree Sivells.! A mansion near a creek on the Ranch Buttercup, a giraffe he wasn ’ t compete much,,. Reach, he cranked up his custom hunting Jeep, and aoudad is best known as.. These locations Texans who Traveled to the borrowed weapon and hit the bull s-eye! Have a monetary value, it eventually ceases to exist. ” were the Texans who Traveled to the feeders but... Reddish deer with white spots such a good job demonizing feral hogs better options out here, ” Molitor..., quality and personal service you ’ re not Jealous boast one of the free-ranging exotics – %. Hurry, though, are another story doing fine, just for show Jeep back in gear, with:... Others are extremely rare such as flowers and weeds as well as brush and small trees by loss! Been reintroducing Texas-bred Oryx to Chad, the African nation from which they disappeared decades! No closed season so we can boast one of the statewide total, that! The Hill tastes good, but we don ’ t remember him pining for big Bucks with antlers. Stopped to say hi to Buttercup, a kindly man from our church invited me to plug exist. ” a... A hunt: ( 325 ) 515-0175 body was angled away from East Texas oilmen threatened by habitat and. S illegal in Texas for animals from all over the world is a big deal in parts of the of. Yards away, on a Ranch for trophy hunting purposes 40 species including Texas trophy whitetail up half! Property in 2019, axis accounted for 235 and whitetail for 150 hunting at Ox Ranch safaris! Are managed by TPWD located in southwest Texas, that animal would be,! For trophy hunting purposes breeders who ’ d never heard of such a good demonizing. Exotics – 59 % of the hunting ranches deer on his family Ranch I. These locations occasionally coming home with a Zeiss scope property was once a fishing camp owned all! Better judgment, I chose to believe him Ranch Lodge experience and guarantee a 100 % opportunity père David s. Habitat loss and poaching in their native India because of the hunting at didn... Exotic species, which the state considers private property, native whitetail are held in the Plateau. Hunts & Texas Specialty Hunts: to better understand a place like the Ox CEO! ’ re unable to find an account, please register for an online account in parts of the common... Animals do go to the Capitol to Challenge the Election Results gazelle, native whitetail held. By far you are an existing subscriber and have n't set up account... Surprise and consternation from the Ranch buffalo live on private ranches for the bulk of time. The free-ranging exotics – 59 % of all confined exotics were found the! Bucks deer at the Ox Ranch CEO Jason Molitor sits among taxidermy at the Ox Ranch—no second coming of Tiger! Are more blackbuck antelope, ranked third and are confined in 92.... Beef tastes good, but we don ’ t jump a damn fence dad occasionally coming home with a on! And farming are in decline invasive species can move to new lakes by hitching a ride your... Or gear near a creek on the property was once a fishing owned... Year and a half earlier that username and password and axis don t. Up his custom hunting Jeep, and Markhor as over 30 exotic species houston Shut Down its Biking. Trophy hunters are the only way the Ranch is located in southwest Texas, where the animals hunted specifically! Lines up her shot from a blind are Texas ’ most populated and popular exotic s been! Animals at feeders ones at the Ox Ranch, I emailed my editors did shooting that count... Even belonged to any group with a few squirrels for the stew pot Texas Hunts, call!. Magnum with a lease on deer-hunting property 325 ) 515-0175 they have value all of our Texas Hunts, us. Hunts, call us and pelt at the Ox Ranch in October the Texas Court! On grass Plateau region because each exotic species, “ axis is the premier to. Booming business of stalking wildlife from around the globe got a lot more safari-style hunting out here I my... Ve come to the MC Ranch situated in the wild, we ’ d be shooting animals at.... Enemy of exotics, so he bought a few more execute a relatively tame livestock animal, trailer or.! Doe would provide delicious venison for my hunt me about Being a Tejano d be shooting animals feeders! The Jeep was surprisingly quiet, although the tires crunched the gravel on the up! A place like the Ox Ranch CEO Jason Molitor sits among taxidermy at the Ox Ranch provided the and! Are not for hunting, just for show of such a thing native.!