Delveri Chick

Delveri Chick holds a Bachelor of Engineering in Computer Engineering from the Faculty of Engineering and Technology where he developed a keen sense for building exquisite user interfaces using JavaScript which earned him an all-expenses-paid trip to speak at the JSConf European Union 2015 in Germany and a prestigious software engineering internship with IBM in summer 2016.

As Community Manager of the Google Developer Group Buea from 2014 to 2016, he actively planned, coordinated and reported Google-funded events such as the famous Android Study Jams, Google Input / Output Extended Buea and Developers Festival which prepared students to apply for and get selected for the Google Summer of Code open source software engineering internship program and enabled developers to learn about the latest developments in Google's technologies such as Android, Tensorflow, Maps Platform, Chrome, Google Analytics, Material Design, Firebase and YouTube. As a finalist in the Google Summer of Code open source engineering internship with MariaDB for two consecutive years, he inspired, motivated and challenged peers and mentees to take development in C++ a lot more seriously.