Djimeli Konrad

Graduated from the University of Buea with a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science, while in the University, Konrad assisted in helping university freshmen learn computer programming via the Elite Programmers Club. Also, during his university days, Konrad also participated in the ACM competitions where he supported the university of Buea to compete with other universities around the world.

From 2015 to 2017, he served as an Organizer of GDG Buea where his immense passion for cloud computing inspired lots of members within the developer community in Buea to tinker with Google’s cloud technologies.

He also participated in GSoC 2015 and 2017 with BRLCAD and Cloud Native Computing Foundation respectively working on the kubectl project, he's an avid enthusiast of containerization within the Kubernetes context. He was instrumental in the budding Njaka program where kids are taught how to code. In 2017, Konrad participated in the GopherCon Dever 2017 conference together with other colleagues from within the Buea tech community and also presented at the GitHub Universe 2017 on the peculiarities of building a tech community within the African context.

In addition to Konrad’s involvement in open source contributions, he’s a holder of the Cisco Certified Networking Professional certification from Microsoft where he gathered a lot of knowledge to efficiently perform network programming at a low level.