Isaac Kamga

As the first graduate of the University of Buea's Computer Science department, his Google Summer of Code internship in 2013 where he implemented a heart-shaped primitive for the United States Army Research Laboratory's BRL-CAD project served as a lever for him to launch the Google Developers Group Buea, a community organization which organized programs to inspire, motivate, prepare, challenge and teach its members programming skills and open source habits during hands-on training sessions.

While serving as Country Mentor for the fourteen Google Developer Groups in Cameroon, he mentored students in high schools and universities during several Google Code-In and Google Summer of Code sessions from 2014 through 2019 at BRLCAD, the Mifos Initiative and the Apache Software Foundation's Fineract project which placed Cameroon and the University of Buea on the global list of countries and universities with the most open source student contributors. He helped organize national events such as GDays Cameroon 2014, BarCamp 2014, the Silicon Mountain Conference 2016; mentored community organizers in the Silicon Mountain community and was instrumental in creating the Facebook Developer Circle Buea as well as the Google Developers Groups in Bambili and the coastal city of Limbe.