Otto Akama

Otto Akama served as pioneer organizer of the Google Developers Group Buea wherein he branded the community as A Community That Codes and marketed it by actively planning and coordinating events at University of Buea, ActivSpaces Buea, Catholic University Institute of Buea and University College Of Technology. Upon graduation with a Bachelor of Engineering in Computer Engineering from the University College of Technology in Buea, he founded makonjoh, an ecommerce platform which leveraged networks to suggest items from a buyer's shopping cart.

As a serial startup entrepreneur, he went on to found yopisode a startup which aimed at enabling consumers group stream videos; then Skademy which enabled tech enthusiasts learn digital skills; and was instrumental in nudging developers into entrepreneurial thinking within the wider Silicon Mountain community. Yet again, he founded another startup called makonjoh media, a consulting firm which seamlessly created social media pages and developed websites for businesses in Africa.

When he doubled as Community Manager of ActivSpaces Buea, he also made sure that the community's training programs were well-funded by ActivSpaces Cameroon and pushed for community-wide adoption of the Peer Learning Meetup program. He also was keen to nudge diversity within the community by marketing the Women Techmakers program to ladies who majored in non-computing STEM fields such as medicine and biochemistry.