Tah Teche

As a Geology major at the University of Buea who served as pioneer Google Student Ambassador, Tah Teche organized hands-on training events where his thesis was that computer programming was open to anyone who was ready to learn and that the learner didn't have to major in computer science or computer engineering. After passing on the GSA baton to Nyah Check, he served as Computer Science ambassador when he organized several trainings at secondary and high schools around Buea which introduced students to foundational computer science concepts.

As assistant manager of GDG Buea, his development of Transearch, a search engine which leveraged Google's API to translate the web, motivated technology enthusiasts and software developers to step up their game. He later founded the Google Developer Group in the coastal city of Limbe which regularly organizes awesome clustered events with GDG Buea. His fascination with functional programming in Erlang led him to contribute to the BEAM Community in 2016 as Google Summer of Code intern in 2016. His involvement in the global Google developer community earned him a seat at the Global GDG Retreat and Google I/O 2016 in San Jose and Mountain View respectively.