Tambe Tabitha

WTM Ambassador, passionate Pythonista and Machine Learning enthusiast, Tabitha currently organizes GDG Buea's diversity efforts wherein she empowers ladies with digital skills to enable them be impactful in their community and be globally remarkable. During the transition period from Amanda to Tabitha, Women Techmakers began to lean towards becoming a fully technical community also and not just a reinforcement to GDG.

She graduated with a BEng honours in Electrical and Electronic Engineering after defending her final year project which was a makeshift incubator for premature babies in rural communities. However, she had also learnt how to code using books, videos and online courses during her time in school, and so she went on to do a full switch and pursue a career in the Data science industry after completing her degree. Tabitha has proven to be quite adaptable; taking the first steps to organizing physical events when COVID restrictions were relaxed. She has been a part of the community since 2016; a wikimedia hackathon which doubled as an attempted launch of the Cameroonian Wikimedia community, was the first community event she ever attended.

Tabitha enjoys teaching Python programming and building Arduino circuits. She considers community work a part of building her legacy. She contributes to Opensource and has a mastery of version control using git and github. When no one is looking, she smiles at herself in the mirror.